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SPLASH Toolkit

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  1. Briefing Note
    A summary paper that quickly and effectively informs the reader about the key issues relating to a particular topic.
  2. Directory
    SPLASH has developed searchable databases for easy access to information on various topics.
  3. Fact sheet
    SPLASH has produced a number of fact sheets, which synthesise some of its key outputs.
  4. Learning Note
    SPLASH has produced a number of learning notes that demonstrate what SPLASH has learnt from these key activities, together with any recommendations for the future.
  5. Media
    Includes any materials which have been disseminated to external audiences.
  6. News
    The Making a SPLASH! newsletter is issued four times a year. They include recent highlights and achievements of SPLASH, key events and any publications that might be of interest.
  7. Public Deliverable
    Deliverables are specific, required outputs for each SPLASH work package, listed in the Description of Work and submitted to the European Commission as part of formal reporting procedures. To be posted on the public website, a deliverable must be in its final form and approved by the EC.
  8. Training materials
    SPLASH has been able to develop training materials from its outputs, which have an appeal for the WASH sector and beyond. These materials are designed to be downloaded and used in your own environment for capacity building and development.
  9. Workshops
    SPLASH has conducted several workshops during the project. Those with good learning points for others are available in the toolkit.

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