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SYKE: The Finnish Environment Institute

The Finnish Environment Institute’s (SYKE) competence stems from its role and duties within the public environmental administration of Finland.

Involvement in Research

Formerly the National Board of Waters (1970-1986) and the National Board of Waters and the Environment (1986-1995), SYKE was in 1995 appointed by the Ministry of the Environment as the centre for environmental monitoring, development and research of the whole environmental administration. In this role SYKE acts as a national coordinator and provider of environmental information and expert services to several Ministries and to all 13 Regional Environment Centres, as well as to external clients and the general public.

SYKE is involved in the preparation of national, regional and international plans, programs, schemes and models intended to enhance the quality of the environment. Moreover, the institute develops, assesses and applies environmental technology, best practices, legal, and other instruments to guide the sustainable use as well as the protection of natural resources.

SYKE employs some 600 staff of which more than 370 are university educated experts and planners with at least a Master’s degree.




Name: Ismo Tiainen