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NERC: Natural Environment Research Council, UK


The Natural Environment Research Council delivers independent research, survey, training and knowledge transfer in the environmental sciences, to advance knowledge of planet Earth as a complex, interacting system. NERC's work covers the full range of atmospheric, earth, biological, terrestrial and aquatic sciences, from the deep oceans to the upper atmosphere, and from the poles to the equator. NERC coordinates two, and is a partner in four other ERA-Nets under FP6.


CEH is the UK's Centre of Excellence for research in the land and freshwater environmental sciences. CEH's staff have specialist skills in a wide range of environmental disciplines, ranging from the smallest scale (the gene) to the largest scale (whole Earth systems). CEH research is aimed at improving understanding both of the environment as we see it today and the natural processes that underlie the Earth's support systems - for example climate & water resources.

CEH are particularly interested in the impacts of human activity on natural environments and aim to generate workable solutions to today's pressing environmental problems. The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology manages major international water research programmes. CEH is a lead partner in the DFID OASIS Resource Centre for Water Resources. OASIS is a consortium of 18 different organizations providing expertise to DFID and its partners on water issues in developing countries.

Involvement in Research

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) undertakes high quality, internationally recognised research in land and freshwater environments. Our research portfolio responds to the changing requirements of our customers in government, academia, industry and commerce - nationally and internationally. CEH collaborates in Europe-wide scientific activities, through the science programmes of the European Union, and through our membership of PEER (Partnership for European Environmental Research) and EurAqua.

CEH coordinates a number international research programmes such as the Intemational Geosphere-Biosphere Programme and provides strategic leadership in FP6-7 via its role in the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform, of the EU Water Initiative RTD Working Group.


United Kingdom


Name: Neil Runnalls