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MZP: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

Global Relations Department of the Ministry is responsible for environmental part of Official Development Assistance of the Czech Republic. Overall goal is to contribute, in line with efforts of international community, to poverty alleviation in the less developed countries through the promotion of sustainable development.

The Czech Republic fully supports International Development Goals, which were adopted by the 1990s UN international conferences and confirmed by the 2000 UN Millennium Summit.

One of the biggest part of the MoE development assistance (started in 1997) are bilateral and multilateral development assistance projects. These projects mostly extend over several years and are focused as follows:

  • Implementation of the multilateral environmental agreements (protection of the ozone layer of the Earth, combating desertification, protection biodiversity etc.)
  • Environmental aspects of industrial activities (cleaner production, environmental management systems)
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Environmental geology (hydrogeology, natural risks assessment)
  • Clean up of contaminated sites

Involvement in Research

Czech Republic does not have any special program for the research in water for developing countries now. But “water issue” is included in the development assistance projects of the Ministry. It includes e.g. water protection, drinking water assuring, hydrometeorology, climatology, clean up of contaminated water resources etc.

It means that we dispose of useful experiences and experts who can help with these issues in concrete projects in developing countries.


Czech Republic


Name: Michal Pastvinský