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MAE: Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, France

Working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Direction Générale de la Coopération Internationale et du Développement has set out three main objectives:

  • To reinforce France’s contribution towards international solidarity
  • To enliven the cultural international dialogue
  • To make France more attractive to foreign students and researchers

The first objective, aid development, requires action in support of developing countries in the South. Contributing in this way to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals sends an important message to multilateral donors.

Involvement in Research

Universities and the scientific community play an essential role in the French plan for aid development. The importance of research is derived from the following:

  • The will to support the countries in the south, the establishment of scientific capacities and the production of knowledge adapted to the needs of this country, to support their development absorb the scientific fracture which threatens them;
  • The need to take into account the problems facing the Southern Countries to respond effectively to the huge challenges that the planet faces, notably in the areas of health, protection of natural resources and water management.

The actions of the Ministry of Foreign affairs in support of research demonstrate its faith in a multilateral approach. It favours the training of young researchers from the South and looks to integrate them with teams from the North. This is done through international research networks engaging in multilateral programmes.

This strategy depends on co-operation with The Institute of Research for Development (IRD) and the Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD). With the ministry they assume overall responsibility for research.




Name: Philippe Barré