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IMET: Italian Ministry for Environment and Territory

IMET has been established by Law No. 349 of July 8, 1986 as recently (modified by the Legislative Decree No. 300 of July 30, 1999) to exercises the functions attributed to the Government in the field of environment and land protection. In this framework the Ministry is responsible for the coordination of EU activities and for the execution of the obligations and commitments deriving from EU Treaty and from International agreements concerning the environment.

The Ministry for the Environment and Territory operates in the following fields:

  • Promoting programmes and projects for sustainable development;
  • Supporting the Minister for participating at the national ministerial committees for financial planning;
  • environmental accounting, environmental taxation, charging mechanisms;
  • Information and public relations with citizens as well as public and private institutions concerning the environmental protection;
  • Promoting research on the environmental field;
  • Reporting on environmental field to the Parliament and public;
  • Environmental education and training;
  • Co-ordinating participation of the ministerial representatives at the European and international organisations (EU, UNEP, UNECE, OECD etc);
  • Co-ordinating participation of public administrations and Italian enterprises at the financial mechanisms and at the international co-operation in the environmental field;
  • Relations with the other Departments concerning the international environmental protection;
  • Supporting the activities of the Ministry in the context of UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol and Montreal Protocol and implementation of the relevant commitments and programmes.

Involvement in Research

IMET participates in this project through the Department for Environmental Research and Development (RAS), which has the specific tasks of supporting public and private research organisations such as CNR, INGV, ENEA, University’s scientific Departments for targeted actions and promoting environmental programs and pilot projects, in co-operation with international and national, regional and local bodies.

Research programs and actions are developed and financed within the framework of the Multi-annual National Plan of Research, which is implemented in collaboration with other Ministries, i.e. Finance, Scientific and Technological Research, Industry, Health and Agriculture.

IMET has allocated over 70 Million Euro in about 35 research activities, to be developed in three years. Most of the research activities in progress involve different aspects related to sustainable water management in developing and transition countries.

In order to achieve the UN MDGs, IMET is involved in sharing the developed technology and know-how on land-basis pollution reduction, biodiversity, living resources restoration, reversing degradation of damaged marine ecosystems.

IMET supports actions focused on several thematic priorities: develop the potential for sustainable management of water resources for protecting the fragile environment of water scarce regions; strengthen local capacity and foster sharing of knowledge on water management; support the decentralisation process of water services, in order to create opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships.




Name: Claudio Rapicetta

Name: Patrizia Esposito