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BGR: Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany

The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) is the central geoscientific advisory institution to the German Federal Government. BGR advises the Federal Government in all questions which a linked to long-term responsibilities as well as current political aspects e.g., involving sudden resource scarcities, crisis prevention, and awareness rising disaster prevention mitigation from natural disasters.

Involvement in Research

BGR manages research, focusing on applied research, and development projects, which make up about 40 % of is total activities. BGR serves as a consultant to the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) by providing expert assessments in the planning and implementation of development policy and consultations with partner countries. As an implementing organisation working directly for BMZ, it also plans and realises technical cooperation projects in the geo-scientific sector with developing and threshold countries.

The BGR also participates in assessing results and evaluating TC projects from development policy and specialist points of view.

At the present time, the BGR is working on development projects predominantly in the groundwater (groundwater management and protection) and geo-environmental sector in some 35 partner countries in which organisations in Central and South America, Africa, Asia and South-East Europe are involved. The project partners are normally state institutions, but also specialist associations and companies from the water and environmental and geology sector.

BGR experts primarily support their partners by providing specialist consultation, training as well as consultation for the purpose of building efficient organisational structures and their institutional framework conditions. Groundwater research is being conducted in developing new methods in groundwater exploration and improved tools in groundwater management and groundwater protection. The results of this continuing research are usually applied within a short time in Technical Cooperation projects.




Name: Hans Klinge