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Complementary ERA-Nets

Other (European Commission, Framework Programme) ERA-Nets exist that are addressing complementary topics to SPLASH and offer areas of potential synergy:

The development of the scope and activities of SPLASH takes account of other activities and a dialogue has been established with the coordinators of these ERA-Nets.

For more information about the ERA-Net scheme, go to

CRUE Flood-Net


CRUE ERA-NET aims to improve coordination of European flood research, particularly in transboundary rivers. Its vision is to develop strategic integration of research at the national funding and policy development levels within Europe to provide knowledge and understanding for the sustainable management of flood risks.

To find out more about the CRUE Flood-Net, go to



ARD is research which addresses the agricultural challenges and issues faced by developing countries, emerging countries and countries in transition. Agriculture is used in its broad sense and includes crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries, environment and natural resources management. ARD includes capacity-building and research into agricultural production, productivity, storage, processing and marketing; dissemination, up-scaling, uptake and distribution of the research products; as well as policy, institutional and societal issues.

To find out more about the ERA-ARD, go to



INCO-Net covers international cooperation in its broadest sense and the bi-regional coordination of science and technology cooperation. Led by the Spanish and Portuguese governments, it is geographically targeted at science and technology research programmes relevant to two Member States and Latin America.

To find out more about the INCO-Net, go to



IWRM-Net aims to improve coordination of research in the field of Integrated Water Resources Management.

This ERA-Net is acting in support of research to underpin the EC Water Framework Directive and works with EU Environment Ministries and regulators. The IWRM-Net will address ministries with responsibilities within the borders of the EU.

The IWRM-Net and SPLASH will work together to support European Commission and Member State ministries to create synergies between the Water Framework Directive and the EU Water Initiative.

To find out more about the IWRM-Net, go to



The SKEP ERA-NET (Scientific Knowledge for Environmental Protection) aims to facilitate the improvement of science into policy processes, and to support evidence-led modern regulation. Its objectives include:

  • delivering better value for money for its research
  • encouraging innovation through more efficient use of research funding
  • the improvement of environmental protection capability by setting down foundations for co-ordinating research programmes

To find out more about the SKEP ERA-NET, go to