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Making a SPLASH in Mombasa!

Making a SPLASH in Mombasa!SPLASH received a very warm welcome for meetings of the Technical Committee and Scientific Advisory Council convened in Mombasa, Kenya from 1st to 4th December.

During our meetings, the SPLASH team outlined progress made in key areas since June, against SPLASH overall objectives.

We also discussed plans for our continued work in establishing 'good research management practice', for example through an improved understanding between inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts of research. Other considerations were: plans to support the development of networks of excellence in water science and technology in sub Saharan Africa; work to support sustainable hydropower development in the Mekong which will commence in January 2010; and our more general work programme and aspirations over the next 12 months and beyond.

Making a SPLASH in Mombasa! SPLASH saw first hand the very real challenges being faced in providing water and sanitation services, thanks to a very interesting field visit. Engineer Mwamuye Makupe, CEO of Kilifi-Mariakani Water and Sewerage Company (KIWASCO), together with SPLASH SAC member Dr Nzulu Kitaka of Egerton University, explained the institutional context of water and sanitation service provision. We were then shown the particular challenges faced by KIWASCO in providing these services in Mtwapa, an unplanned coastal settlement.

All agreed that the venue and arrangements for our meetings were excellent. We extend our sincere thanks to all who helped to make our visit such a success.

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