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How many people in the developing world do not have access to improved sanitation?

  1.1 million
  2.5 billion


The water footprint shows the amount of water used by a country in relation to the number of people in its population. The global average water footprint is 1240m3/cap/yr (for the period 1997-2001). Which country has a water footprint beyond the global average?

  South Africa


Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world with some of the highest rates of child death from diarrhoea. What percentage of its GDP does Ethiopia spend on the military, on health and on sanitation?

  0.8% military, 9.5% health, 3% sanitation
  9.5% military, 3% health, 0.8% sanitation
  3% military, 0.8% health, 9.5% sanitation


The investment needed to improve water resources management also mitigates damage caused by natural disasters. In 2002, flooding alone cost the world economy ...

  more than 2 million USD
  more than 2.8 billion USD
  more than 27 billion USD


How many people in the world will be facing a serious water shortage by 2025?

  More than 2.5 million
  More than 2.8 billion
  More than 10 billion